The ramblings of a beleaguered techy trying to make sense of an increasingly bizzare world

Are you sitting comfortably?

This is my first attempt at maintaining an online presence. Sure, I have the usual social networking accounts. Some I have had for so long I'm sure I have forgotten about them completely. However, I have never done anything properly proactive online. Something that means I actually have to stop and think "what will I put on there?". Something that's open to everyone or anyone. It's actually quite daunting!

I'm going to take some time to think about the content I want here, and what I'll end up talking about. In the meantime, I would like to use this little corner of cyber space to document some of my views. Ranting and venting may well occur. Names will always be changed to protect the innocent, or indeed me. Whatever happens, be aware this is largely a cathartic exercise for me. 

Stuff I like

I'll pop anything here that amuses or interests me...
The Daily Mash - a satirical look at the news and events currently being churned out by the mass media